Mildred Trogeler for Streetglams

Glam #32: Mildred

Hello beautiful people,

Today on Streetglams we have Mildred, a classy woman I met near Rue du Trone, towards a lively area in Brussels: Place Flagey.

Truth be told, not so many people are dressed this elegantly around the area, who has a more bohemian vibe. It was thus not difficult to spot Mildred, her Little White Dress glistening with the sunshine. The blue navy jacket is what makes the difference here between office and full summer fun, and surely it can be ditched in the office for some after hour drinks! While the bag and the shoes don’t match in color as I often like, the bag does match with Mildred’s complexion, and the burgundy in those heels is too beautiful to pass up, so I’d say it’s a win, don’t you think?

After a little chat, it appeared that Mildred is German with Colombian origins. That was a lovely coincidence, as I was born in Colombia too but almost did not live there to claim the title. I prefer to be a traveler and adjust to where my feet take me…

Have a great Tuesday, the sun seems to be cooperative so far, so enjoy and see you tomorrow for more fashion adventures!


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