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Zoe Da Silva for Streetglams

Glam #33: Zoe, esthetician

Today on Streetglams, we have Zoe, a young esthetician graduate with a great sense of relaxed summer style.

Zoe and I hopped off the same bus, so I took on the opportunity to approach her for a street style photography portrait. When I asked her where she was from, she casually replied that she is a mix of Portuguese, African, Chinese, and perhaps more that I cannot remember. Well, that’s an impressive mix! Great, the world need more racial and cultural mingling if you ask me.

The fashion themes I noticed and liked in Zoe’s style were:

  • the trendy jungle print tank top from Zara
  • the summer hat: my wife Marta and I are hat and beanie lovers! As Zoe told me, this one comes straight from Algarve, Portugal.
  • the pretty New Look sandals with a fresh touch of mint green
  • a subtle hint of bling in the golden necklace, watch, and bag chain (H&M)

Once home, and working on the composition, I realized I really like this multicolored palette, so I decided to include it in the pic to share it with you. Well done, girl, and welcome to the glams! And yes, as you said, we may meet again, but this time for a show off of your make up skills for a photoshoot!

Have a great Wednesday, Brussels!


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