Myriam smiles, and so should you!

Myriam Chioma for Streetglams

Glam #35: Myriam… and her Louis Vuitton

It’s a real pleasure to be shooting under this sun. I know that the temperature is really hot for most of you, but I thrive in this environment. It reminds me of Colombia, of Mexico, of Thailand… All the places I have travelled and that bring an instant smile on my face.

Today, I met another such face: Myriam. I met Myriam while entering Porte de Namur, she was walking towards the red traffic light, and this short pause was all I needed to approach her.  The instant smile she gave me proved me I was about to take a beautiful picture. And while she was a bit hesitant about what the final result would be, I truly believe it paid off. Girl, you shine, so all join me in welcoming Myriam to the glams!

Fun fact: yet again, I spoke Italian! Myriam did speak French, but I noticed her accent and swapped languages. I’ve said this before but hey, I’m just amazed  at how often I swap languages while shooting for Streetglams! And I love it!

Keep smiling, beautiful people!


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