Photo reportage with Juliette

Last week, I covered a photo reportage with Juliette. Scouted through Streetglams as glam #22, Juliette is a young student who sometimes works as a runway model.

Beside the photographs, I decided to interview her and get the insight of her experience as a model. I thought this would give more substance to the article, and be interesting to many of you.

Since I would be portraying a glam, I decided to add another one to the mix, namely glam #4, Mitsu Miw, a creative chick with more than one skill up her sleeve. For this session, I called on Mitsu’s talent as a make-up artist — MUA for short. I prepared a concept for the session, pitched this to Mitsu, and together we came up with the final make-up and hair style for the session: a Hollywood glamour inspired look. By the way, if you are interested in what inspired this result, you can have a peek behind the scenes.

Photo reportage with Juliette

Creative direction, photography, and interview by Hector Hurtado

Model: Juliette

Make-up & hair: Mitsu Miw

Juliette, posing for Streetglams

Streetglams: Can you introduce yourself?

Juliette: Hello Streetglams, my name is Juliette, I am almost 18 years old, and other than my studies I am passionate about fashion and beauty.

SG: Almost 18? Wow, you are so young! I remember meeting you with your sister Lola, and as you were both posing, she shared with me that you worked as a model already. Can you tell us how you started?

Juliette: Sure! Just like you noticed me on the street, I was noticed about six months ago by fashion designer Anne-Catherine Girard. She told me about a series of runway shows that she was planning for her label, and wanted me to model for her. I gladly accepted and have been working with her since, I will model in her next show this coming September.

Juliette, posing for Streetglams

SG: Nice! I did notice you, I am glad others do too. But when we met, you also told me that if we ever were to work together, I would have to contact your model agency, and yet here we are (laughs)

Juliette: That’s because I cancelled my contract with the agency, following arguments about my body type.

SG: What do you mean?

Juliette: See, it all really started when I was 15. Back then, I was almost as tall as I am now (1m80 or 5’11”) and everybody used to tell me I should try my chance as a model. So I went to the agency, where they told me I did not meet their measurements. Since I wasn’t that interested at the time, I simply dropped the idea… until I started the runway.

Juliette, posing for Streetglams

SG: What happened then?

Juliette: I tried applying again at two agencies. Both seemed happy with me this time, although I was still asked to lose some weight to make my thighs thinner. As this seemed like a reasonable request, I accepted and went on a strict diet for a month. I got the thighs they wanted, but I also lost the rest of my curves in the process: my hips, my butt, and my breasts were gone too. My parents and my boyfriend were worried to see me lose weight so fast, and to see that all my curves were gone. Eventually, my doctor advised me to stop. I had lost my healthy complexion, I was lethargic, almost depressed. This is not my nature. I love food and I have a sweet tooth, but I am also healthy and athletic. My measurements never worried me prior to this, so I decided to cancel my contract, get my healthy measurements back, and I am proud of this decision.

SG: And you should be, you are beautiful and noticeable as you are. Wow, that’s quite the story you have there! And yet, I am afraid you are not the only one with such a tale…

Juliette: Of course not. This myth of the size 0… It scares me sometimes. Anyway, I am back where I started, only stronger. And my measurements don’t bother Anne-Catherine in the least, quite the contrary. She designs clothes for real women, curves on (laughs)

Juliette, posing for Streetglams

SG: That’s great for you then. You can still continue evolving in your passion while looking like the real you. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your story.

Juliette: Thanks for noticing me for Streetglams, and for today’s photo shoot! Good luck with your project, and hello to all glam lovers out there!

That’s it glams, you’ve heard it before and you hear it again today from Juliette: stay true to your nature, be beautiful by being yourself. I am really glad I did this interview for the unexpected bit of wisdom imparted. As creative director of graphility, your identity is of utmost importance to me. Whether you are a person or a business, it is okay to explore many venues, but always stay true to yourself, for that is where your brand resides.

Juliette, posing for Streetglams

I leave you with one more arty photograph I took by the end of the session, as I know Juliette and her sister Lola enjoy these sort of shots too. See you next time for more glam adventures in Brussels!


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