Sanae, CSI girl

Sanae Taibi for Streetglams

Glam #37: Sanae, CSI girl

I had quite the busy day today. Most of it involved web marketing for my clients, but I managed to slot in some street style photography during lunch time. Despite a slow start with no one inspiring me, I got luckier later on with several good shots in a row!

One of such ladies was Sanae, whom I met around Central Station, a spot I had not been back to in a while. What made me notice her is her interesting combination of trendy and urban: a white and fresh top with the trendy sneakers — quite like Lucie back in the day. The vibrant red bag is a great finishing touch in my opinion, but I am biased on this as it is one of my favorite colors.

During our post shoot chat, I got to know that Sanae is freshly graduate in criminology, and is now looking for a job. She is Dutch speaking, we did chat in Dutch, and that is an asset for many functions in Brussels. So, who has a position for this CSI girl?

Thank you for posing, Sanae, and good luck with your job search, I hope this shout helps!

See you tomorrow for one last street styling article to conclude the week!


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