Leen & Sofie in classic cut dresses

Leen Cornelissen & Sofie Van Ostaeyen in classic cut dresses, posing for Streetglams

Glam #41 & #42: Leen and Sofie in classic cut dresses

Catching the good, if last rays of summer, we have Leen and Sofie out for a stroll round the Old Town.

What I really noticed and liked in these two girls from Flanders, is that they are not only well dressed each on their own, but also fit each other’s style as a fancy tandem!

Blonde Leen is studying to become a logopedist and is wearing a navy blue dress with beautiful tan mocassins, while brunette Sofie is studying optometry and goes for the summer look in her Little White Dress and sandals . I say the healthcare world is a well dressed classic crowd!

Leen and Sofie were quite happy to pose for me, so girls, here’s a big thank you for your friendliness and a warm welcome to the glams!

I leave you with one more photograph, not of glams, but of the beautiful church of Saint Nicholas, located just next to where this duo portrait was taken.

Church of Saint Nicholas, Brussels

Enjoy fashion, Brussels, and see you tomorrow for more street styling!


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