Sara in neon color block

Sara Da Silva in neon color block, posing for Streetglams

Glam #44: Sara in neon color block

I met Sara while we were both waiting for our buses at Central Station. I had mentally wrapped up my street styling activities for the day, but there she was, an ode to summer with her holiday tan and neon color block outfit. Just like yesterday with Stéphanie, this was a street style shot I could not miss.

Pay close attention to this great look, fashion enthusiasts, for it is not easy to achieve. Here, we have two daring fashion trends at play: the first is the use of neon colors, and the second is the color blocking palette.

The latest neon color trend is great when used sparingly such as with an all white or black dress, but can easily go wrong when you mix many vibrant colors together. Sara achieved a great look by matching a blue skirt to a yellow sweater. While the colors are bold, it so happens that blue and yellow are complementary in the color wheel, so our eye reaches color balance rather than clash. The delicate pink scarf choice was even more risqué, but hey it works! And it matches the neon pink on the sandals — as you will see in the second photograph at the end of the article.

The color block outfit is achieved by matching two, usually bold hues for a wild splash of color. True color blocking involves real colors and not black or white, the sum or absence of all colors, but when you can still go for this safer combination in a more subdued environment, as glam #16 Carlotta showed us back in June.

Lastly, I want to congratulate Sara for her attention to detail. The necklace and bracelet match her outfit and uplifting mood, and the pompon ending on the necklace is also found on the sandals. Bravo menina!

Sara Da Silva in neon color block, posing for Streetglams

Boys and girls, I hope you enjoyed the colorful fashion photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them, then writing this article. Tomorrow is Friday, and if time allows I will present you either another street style story from Brussels, or an extended photo shoot I have in store. Win-win, no?

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