Marie, last summer denim shorts

Marie de Burbure in denim shorts, posing for Streetglams

Glam #46: Marie

For today’s post, we have Marie, Sarah’s friend, in what probably will be the last denim shorts of the season. Brussels weather is simply not up to it anymore, and summer will end in a couple of days anyway… And that’s okay, as we get to enjoy a whole new range of looks for fall. As long as it doesn’t rain too much and I get to shoot at you, glam girls from Brussels!

Other than the denim shorts, Marie is wearing a large open shirt over a black tank top. Together with the messenger bag and the cool headphones, I think it gives her an adventurous urban look, all bathed in summer friendliness.

Marie is a photography enthusiast, so I hope she will enjoy her street style portrait. Fun fact: the light slightly shifted between the two shots, so we have Sarah in a slightly cooler hue than Marie. Rather than equalizing it, I preferred to leave this as a quirky note, simply because this is not too uncommon for Brussels. It’s better to embrace the specificity of our city, or so I think tonight as I am in a good mood.

Welcome to the glams, Marie, you got to look great in front of the lens. Keep that in mind when you’ll grab your camera, perhaps you can try your hand at self portraiture!

Have a great time and see you tomorrow for more fashion in Brussels,


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