A birthday cake shot

Glam birthday cake shot

Sharing my birthday cake shot

Yesterday was my birthday, and as to immortalize the moment, my wife Marta wanted to take my portrait during a fun and improvised photo shoot. Instead of going for a real cake, we opted for a few different pastry treats. This one got blessed with a candle on top for the classic birthday cake shot. I really like what Marta did with it, image and text, so I’m sharing it with you, glam girls and fashion lovers! By the way, if you’re not familiar with Marta’s work, you really should pay a visit to her facebook photography page.

After having a delicious breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien, we went home so I could enjoy my gifts and treats. Marta was not feeling too well, so we postponed the heavy celebration for next weekend. This gave me ample time to enjoy my new tablet as well as a set of inks and felt tip markers for concept art and prototyping. I may be one year older, but I still am as amazed as a kid when it comes to drawing and coloring 🙂

It feels good to simply feel good, considering that a couple of days ago I was still recovering from some lightning illness that put me down to bed in no time. I haven’t been able to walk much for my street style photography because of this. One more issue my project had to face… Anyway, it would have been a shame to feel like crap on my day. Gratitude.

Streetglams will resume tomorrow with a glam agenda for this week, followed by (finally!) a great photo shoot I have in store for a while, but that life kept on postponing… Yinka, girl, this one is for you!

See you soon then, and stay glam,


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