Yinka Gboyega, photography model and make-up artist

A few weeks ago, I had a great photo shoot with photography model and make-up artist Yinka Gboyega. However, soon after that we went on holidays in Greece, then I got quite a few paid jobs to attend to — like this one — then I was sick… And so, while I had sorted the best takes and started working on them, I had not taken the time to write a proper article for the session. Here it is, Yinka, and thank you for your patience!

Yinka Gboyega for Streetglams

Extended photoshoot with Yinka Gboyega – part 1

Creative direction and photography by Hector Hurtado

Modeling, make-up and hair: Yinka Gboyega herself

I met Yinka through my wife Marta, as they had already worked together either as model or make-up artist on set. Marta had told me that Yinka was a really lovely girl, and since then, I had been patiently waiting for my turn to work with the friendly dolphin girl with the afro cut. That’s right: Yinka has already worked for the likes of Mobistar no less.

I wanted a photo shoot that would emphasize Yinka’s type of beauty while mixing glam and tribal. We had a couple of brainstorming sessions to select the proper clothing and make-up, and came up with this concept. This is something that I usually do with my make-up artist, but in this particular case, the make-up artist was also the model!

Yinka Gboyega for Streetglams

To keep the urban look high, I chose to shoot on the skateboard ramps near Gare de la Chapelle.

For this first part, I went for close portraiture and tight square crops. I used a shallow depth of field to focus all attention on Yinka, but still keeping some definition to get a sense of Brussels and the location. While I really like the result, I’ll go back to portrait and landscape full frame shots in part two. I don’t want to bore you with technical aspects of photography, so I’ll just finish by saying that square takes are a lot easier to produce, so your sense of composition is less challenged. And I love composition in my visual artworks, so you do the math.

Yinka Gboyega for Streetglams

After some shots, we moved onto another location nearby, but I leave that for part two. I hope you like the session as much as we enjoyed creating it, and if so, let us know by commenting or sharing the love on your favorite social network, okay? Okay!

See you tomorrow for the rest, and stay glam,


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