Boudoir photo shoot for Marie Van Gils

As I told you on Monday, I was preparing a boudoir photography session. The purpose was to present the Memories collection of fashion designer Marie Van Gils, to announce her presence at Parcours de mode 2013. Well, the photo shoot happened, and it was great. Here’s the result of our work.

Boudoir photo shoot with Elini Martelini for Streetglams

Memories, a commercial boudoir photo shoot for Marie Van Gils

Creative direction, photography, and interviews by Hector Hurtado

Fashion designer: Marie Van Gils

Model: Elini Martelini

Make-up artist: Claudine Houet

Boudoir photo shoot with Elini Martelini for Streetglams

Streetglams: Can you introduce yourselves to the Streetglams audience?

Marie Van Gils: Hi, my name is Marie Van Gils, I am a young fashion designer, and am now in the process of presenting my work to the public.

Elini Martelini: Hi, my name is Elini Martelini, I’m 22 years old, and I’m a student in Applied Linguistics and Translation — Dutch, Italian, and French. Right now, I’m actually doing an extra year to become a teacher. I love what I do, but I love to take a creative break now and then.

SG: Elini, is that why you also work as a model?

EM: Exactly. I love posing for photo shoots or walking down the runway! It’s really energizing to work out creative projects with photographers, fashion designers, stylists, make-up artists… Experimenting with poses and different styles of choreography.

Boudoir photo shoot with Elini Martelini for Streetglams

SG: Marie, other than the photographs I’m taking today, how would you present your collection to the readers?

MVG: My Memories collection is a space where time shows its passage, and turns into matter. Memories resurface.

SG: Sounds interesting. Are you thus drawing your inspiration from your own memories?

MVG: Well, my inspiration comes from a long and endearing search for objects among my grandmother’s friends: lace from Calais, mother-of-pearl buttons, a myriad fabrics… To me, these objects are protective arches, memory cocoons, mystical totems. With matter transformed comes a second emotion. Reincarnation.

SG: A very personal body of work then. How would you describe your relation with lingerie?

MVG: Lingerie tames the body. Its essence is not to seduce another but one self. Its structure protects the body, while its openings reveal it.

Boudoir photo shoot with Elini Martelini for Streetglams

SG: Thank you both for your active involvement in this experience. I think we made a great team!

MVG: Yes indeed, I’m happy we met through Streetglams.

EM: Oh yes, and see you soon for more creative projects!

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