Ruxandra, from Streetglams with love

Ruxandra, for Streetglams

For our first street style capture of the relaunch, here is a photograph of Ruxandra, professional fashion blogger and now stylist of our team!

For this shot, Ruxandra went for a classy look, wearing a light tan color dress, a hat, and a dash of reds in her bag and make up for good measure! Tan and browns are not exactly the most exciting colors one could think of, but this look proves they can still up your game when worn with the proper outfit and great palette combination. Red boosts anything, and the soft fabric of the dress makes the brown hues less heavy, almost aerial.

Meeting in the Louise quarter, I thought of capturing this image near Palais de Justice, the country’s main judicial court. There is a good swath of space there for a runway walk there.

Ruxandra was already featured on our pages about a year ago as glam #5. We kept in touch since then, checking the pulse on our fashion projects. Taking Streetglams into a new direction, we could think of no other for our styling. You will read more about her role in the project in a special interview later. But for now, if you want to read more about Ruxandra, you can always follow her perky blog, From Brussels with love.

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I'm Hector Hurtado, creative director of graphility. I design services, products, and experiences. I aim to create meaningful customer journeys and lasting, positive memories. Streetglams is our fashion outlet, a place where we celebrate creativity through individual style. Fashion, design, and photography are a match made in heaven, so if you love any of these, say hello at all times!

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