Ania, street styled in Brussels!

Ania Szymanska, street styled in Brussels for Streetglams

Glam #50: Ania, fashion enthusiast

We recently had a lovely visit from Marta’s relatives, and this was an occasion to meet my niece Ania for the first time.

Ania was a bit shy at first. A serious man with a beard and no fluent Polish can have that effect sometimes. But they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and so I spoke my best lingo to present her the Streetglams site, explain the project a bit, etc. A teen girl… of course she was interested!

So the next day during a walk around Brussels, we asked her if she wanted to be street styled for the website. She blushed a little but was really happy to do it! This is not the most professional of shoots, but hey, for a sweet niece, we make a one time exception.

Have a happy Wednesday, and see you on Friday for the unveiling of a new lingerie collection!

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