3 must have lingerie outfits for the FIFA world cup

3e mi-temps, limited edition FIFA world cup collection

FIFA world cup season is about to start!

The kick off for Brazil FIFA world cup 2014 starts on June 12. The world is getting ready to celebrate this event, and Belgium is no different. We are thrilled to participate once again!

But Belgium is more known for its tasteful beer, mouthful pralines, and last but not least, fashion designers. One of them is young and talented Marie Van Gils, whom you may have seen on Streetglams when I spontaneously took her street style shot or when I featured her boudoir collection, or even when Marta portrayed Marie wearing her own creations.


3e mi-temps, limited edition FIFA world cup collection

Back in February, Marie approached us with a great concept: a limited edition of sporty lingerie outfits in the colors of the Belgian flag. The outfits in the collection would empower women to:

  • be feminine
  • feel sexy
  • support the national Red devils team
  • … and have fun in more than one way!


3e mi-temps, limited edition FIFA world cup collection

We were thrilled by the concept, and started working on the mood board right away! With Marie sewing and us brainstorming, the creative juice was flowing. I scouted for models and enrolled the beautiful Sharon Boucquez — also street styled earlier this month. We all worked hard on refining the concept, and one month later we were ready for the photo shoot.

Marie aptly called her collection Troisième mi-temps — third half time. It is a cheeky way to remind us that “there is no reason fun should not stop at the end of the match! This collection is inspired by sporty outfits, but targets all women who want to be and feel sexy.” While the colors are a fun way to express Belgian support during the FIFA world cup, this timely collection is also meant to be worn beyond the international event: the colors of our flag and their declination by Marie is modern and elegant.


3e mi-temps, limited edition FIFA world cup collection

We really enjoyed working on this project, so we hope that you love and support the collection! If so, your possible next steps are:

  • Like and share this article on your favorite social network
  • Contact Marie for your order. Remember, it’s a limited collection so grab yours while it lasts!
  • Both of the above!


3e mi-temps, limited edition FIFA world cup collection

Happy FIFA world cup and lots of fun!

Creative direction: Hector Hurtado
Photography: Marta Hurtado
Model: Sharon Boucquez
Make up art: Magdalena Stankowska


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