Team presentation: Yinka Gboyega, make up artist

This Friday, we present you our fourth team member, the energetic and talented Yinka Gboyega.

Interview with Yinka Gboyega, make up artist

Streetglams team presentation: Yinka Gboyega, makeup artist

What is your role in the team?

I’m working with a super creative team where, together with Aicha, I take care of all things related to make up. My role is to propose make up concepts during the planning phase, then execute them on set during the photo shoot.

How did you get into make up art?

Actually, I started off not as a make up artist but as a certified beautician. During my studies, we had make up lessons that really piqued my interest. Intrigued, I soon realized that I wanted to learn more. So, after my beautician degree, I decided to pursue my education further into make up.

I just love that with make up, you can really give women a confidence boost. Something seemingly little can have such an impact, shape moods and personalities.

What is your favorite part of the creative process?

I love the time spent figuring out of what you want to say and how to achieve it, playing around with different concepts and ideas. But my favorite part by far is the execution during the photo shoot. It is only when standing on set that you can really test the concept on the model, see how it works, and feel accomplished.

Streetglams team presentation: Yinka Gboyega, makeup artist

Where does your inspiration come from?

I like to relax and take long walks in nature, where I can let my mind drift and have a rest from the busy urban life. And then, sometimes the greatest ideas come to me from the smallest things: a lovely green leaf, for example (smiles).

But like a lot of people these days, I also love the experience of digital and multimedia, learning about new techniques of other make up artists, and trying to adapt them to your own signature style.

Share your favorite book or artwork with us.

The Palace of Colors is such an amazing book to me: it is a lovely book with really vibrant colors and lots of super eccentric make up looks. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in our trade.

What other projects are you currently working on?

I recently did a photo shoot for a girl that is starting out as a new artist, and a team is doing a documentary on her. I am super excited because I have never taken part in a project liked that before. So… Stay tuned!

[Editor’s note: Yinka is selling herself a bit short here: not only is she our very own glam#47, featured in a previous extended two part photo shoot here and here; she also appeared frequently on Marta’s website; she is also a resident make up artist for MAC cosmetics; and finally, also sometimes models for other projects. You may even have seen her in Belgian TV commercials!]

Streetglams team presentation: Yinka Gboyega, makeup artist

Do you have a parting advice for our readers?

I would simply say: never stop dreaming big!

Creative direction: Hector Hurtado
Photography: Marta Hurtado
Make up art: Yinka Gboyega
Styling: Ruxandra Ioana Marinescu

Yinka looks glamorous by simply wearing a pink dress from H&M, coupled with Swarowski necklace and earrings set. Follow Yinka’s work here on Streetglams or on her facebook page.

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