Ethno Tendance Fashion Weekend 2014 Brussels

Anything planned this weekend?

Here is what we propose: a mix of style, designers, ethnicity, beauty workshops and many other fashion creative ideas to get inspired!

Ethno Tendance Fashion Weekend 2014, Brussels

Ethno Tendance Fashion Weekend 2014 Brussels

This weekend (10th, 11th & 12th October 2014) the 3rd edition of the Ethno Tendance Fashion Weekend 2014 will take place in Brussels, in the prestigious Hotel de la Poste in Tour & Taxis.

This is an international event that gathers the world of art, fashion and ethnicity!  A lot stylists and fashion designers from different cultures and social backgrounds will be there to show their latest work. You will also be able to participate in creative workshops, see photo exhibitions, take part in conferences, eat at the ‘ethno gourmet’ corner and discover new musical influences.

Streetglams loves that breeding ground… It’s such a great source of inspiration!

So our advice for this weekend: get dressed, get styled, be glamourous and let’s meet there!

More info here:

Have a great week, everyone!


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