Ethno Tendance Fashion Weekend 2014: the report

Ethno Tendance Fashion Weekend 2014: the report

Last week, the Streetglams team went at the Ethno Tendance Fashion Weekend 2014 for the first time, and guess what: we loved it!!

Colorful, inspiring, lots of discoveries in beauty and fashion, new connections… We could use so many words to describe what we felt, what we have seen, and what we have retained!

Here’s a quick summary of our day @Ethno Tendance Fashion Weekend 2014!

When we first stepped into the Hotel de la Poste in Tour & Taxis, we were amazed to see all those creative looks! The boys and gals were so styled that you could feel this atmosphere of ethno fashion art. You just wanted to be a part of it.

We first had a look around the different stands, and there again, just wow! Earrings, necklaces, dresses… All with that little ethnic touch, of course! Ok, we confess… We had a crush on a few earrings… 😉

We then made our way to the catwalk to attend the young designers fashion contest. Four designers freshly graduated competed with their own collection. It is impressive to find such talent in young persons: wonderful guys, well done!

Hector and Marta had photographers passes, while I took notes from a different spot. We covered all angles and didn’t miss a single pose.

Here are the four fashion designers:

Laetitia Aka Lula, all black and sparkly

Laetitia had the hard task to open the contest! She’s half from Angola, half from RD Congo. She showed a glamorous, classy & twinkling collection. Here are the 2 looks we really like in her work!

Streetglams: Ethno Tendance Fashion Weekend 2014
Streetglams: Ethno Tendance Fashion Weekend 2014

Lauranne De Jaegher, the black & white feather

Lauranne is from Belgium and was one of our favorites!  She made an incredible hand-made work, assembling feathers and designing the patterns herself. Really impresssive for such a young lady!
Spoiler alert: she won the contest, big congratulations to her! 🙂

Streetglams: Ethno Tendance Fashion Weekend 2014Streetglams: Ethno Tendance Fashion Weekend 2014

Elise Müller, sunny patterns

Elise is also from Belgium. She had a more structured and graphic collection, that she accessorized with home-made jewelry. It was colorful, and we really enjoyed watching the models walking down the catwalk with her shiny pattern clothes. Most particularly, the model who opened the collection as shown in the photograph below. Doesn’t she look so glam?

Streetglams: Ethno Tendance Fashion Weekend 2014 Streetglams: Ethno Tendance Fashion Weekend 2014

Maxime Edward, all about inspiration

Maxime has Filipino origins. He was the last competitor of this young designers fashion contest, and our other favorite choice. He made up his collection by following his feelings and inspiration of the moment. This really paid off for him, because the results are just great! Here are our chosen takes:

Streetglams: Ethno Tendance Fashion Weekend 2014 Streetglams: Ethno Tendance Fashion Weekend 2014


We really enjoyed this mix of ethnic, fashion and arts! We saw great ideas, met great people, got new connections and managed to shoot at styled glamorous women (stay tuned for that part… we’ll talk about that sooner than you think!)

Should we go back next year? Let us know your opinions on our social media channels!


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