Brand ambassador Aljosha

Dear fashionistas,

This week we’re happy to present you Aljosha, a dynamic brand ambassador who works for a very famous danish beer… you know, the one with a white writing, green bottle, starting with a ‘C’… does that ring a bell?! 😉

Aljosha, brand ambassador and glam #59, posing for Sstreetglams

Glam 59 : Aljosha, dynamic brand ambassador

We met Aljosha around the trendy bar scene of Place Flagey. She was about to visit a client in the surroundings when we noticed her walking with confidence, gorgeous and stylish. A perfect target for our camera — Marta’s in this case.

As brand ambassador, Aljosha is always on the run visiting clients to promote her brand. Well, in her case, that means bars! How nice is that?! As her job requires, she has to be friendly and cheerful at all times. But we bet that’s not a problem for her, just look at her: she’s shiny, sweet, and believe me, you start loving her as soon as you start talking to her!

Aljosha confided that during working hours, she’d rather wear comfy clothes in which she feels totally at ease. In this instance, Aljosha chose to wear a black tee from H&M and black jean from Zara. She colored her look with a red and black checkered shirt from Pull and Bear.

While her look is definitely in line with the Fall trends, the temperature is dropping, and winter is almost at the door… It’s already time to take our coats out of our wardrobe. We know it’s not a nice feeling but hey, let’s make the most out of it. Aljosha’s long beige coat is from Massimo Dutti and her black ankle boots are from Elle — the shoes brand, not the magazine 🙂

As she has to carry her mobile, iPad and other promotional material, Aljosha has chosen a black bag from Cos to help her in her duties.

We hope you approve of her style as much as we do!

Happy Wednesday everyone!




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