Liselotte, vintage enthusiast

Liselotte Koevoets for Streetglams

 Glam #8: Liselotte, marketing assistant

This Wednesday, I have the pleasure to present you Liselotte, a dedicated marketing assistant with lots of flair! Liselotte works for one of the clients I consult for in digital marketing, and I could but notice her love for vintage fashion over time. Therefore, I asked her to pose for Streetglams, and she gladly accepted. Great, or we would all have missed those gorgeous shoes!

This is the first portrait I decided to capture as black and white. I gave it a long thought, and came to this conclusion because the contrasts today were really good, and because it fit the idea of vintage. I really like this result: the grain, depth of field, and film quality seem straight out of a WWII postcard, don’t you think?

Join me in welcoming Liselotte to the glams, and if you like what you see, click on that love button and spread the love!

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