Marta, Assassin’s Creed style

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last seven years, surely you must have heard of Assassin’s Creed. Or at least seen the amazing posters that pop up in all worldly cities with every new release. Well, I’m a big fan of the game franchise. All praise Ubisoft for this incredible series that I believe have influenced other creative ventures such as Da Vinci’s Demons and The Borgias.

While I alone play Assassin’s Creed, both Marta and I greatly enjoy its aesthetics: awe inspiring fashion, gorgeous visuals, and stunning moves. So much so that it resonates, and even transpires in our own sense of style. So, when Marta saw this blue long coat in Siam Paragon, Bangkok, she did not hesitate one bit. This is her cheeky wink to the series.

Assassin’s Creed inspired street style


Marta, featuring Assassin's Creed style

Don’t you agree that this blue long coat from H&M fits the Assassin’s Creed universe beautifully? It was the right move to get it, especially once we realized — back home and doing research for this article —  that it’s not available in Belgium!

Marta, our Head of Photography, our glam #1, and my partner in love and crime, matches it with faux leather leggings, a large blue bag, and a kitten knit cap for cuteness factor, also from H&M. As for her top, Marta went with a gray oversized pullover and necklaces from Brandy Melville. The fact that she loves these religious symbols is an added boon to the Assassin’s Creed mythology. Zara adds the finishing touches through red scarf and black boots.

There are not many girls featured in the series, though. So this look is somewhat a hybrid between Elise and Arno, the two main protagonists in Assassin’s Creed: Unity, the latest episode in the series.

What do you think? I love her look! Incidentally, I have similar, darker clothing, but Streetglams is more about women’s fashion, isn’t it? But who knows, if you insist, I may show you at one point 😉

We really enjoyed taking these street style pictures with you, our readers and fashion lovers. Whether you share our taste for this kind of outfits or not, we hope today’s article shows you how you can find your fashion inspiration in the most unexpected places! So keep your mind open and your eyes peeled, with the same simple goals in mind as always: to be yourself, to be fab, and to make our reality a beautiful place to live in 🙂

Happy Wednesday!



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