Winter color palette 2015

Hello fashionistas!

Winter is on, sales are here, so I’d like to propose you my Winter color palette for 2015. If you want to be trendy, buying everything in your path is certainly not an option. With some colors being so last year, your best bet is to educate yourself about the vibrant, contemporary colors on offer. Let’s have a look together, shall we?

Winter color palette 2015

Winter color palette 2015, by Streetglams

From left to right:

  • Midnight blue
  • Elderberry
  • Rich burgundy
  • Lavender gray
  • Smoke white

How to use these colors

The main assets for this season are the elderberry and the rich burgundy. When used as main colors in your theme, these will put you on the spotlight of any event. Good examples are these cool booties from H&M, or this gorgeous skirt coat from Burberry.

But the burgundy in particular can be used as an accent instead. You probably already have accessories in this tone, so now would be a good time to put them back in your wardrobe or jewelry set.

The lighter colors are always a good match for the season, as warmer shades of snowy landscapes. Shirts and cardigans in these tones carry you efortlessly through your office day.

Marta, featuring Assassin's Creed style

Marta, with spot on colors during our latest street style.

Newfound inspiration, Hector?

It so happens that I produced this color palette as early as March 2014, during the research phase of a branding project. While other choices were favored, little did I know that the hues I had selected would peak on the next cold season! This happy accident prompted me to have more confidence in my research, for a winning piece in a particular brief doesn’t mean that the rest would not fit in a different context. Something to keep in mind during my resolutions of 2015 🙂

I hope this Winter color palette serves you well during the sales season, when you hesitate between a few colors. If not, then don’t forget that taste is personal, and ultimately it is up to you to compose your own style. Whatever you do, please add some colors to Winter to counter the chill!

Stay glam and be fab,


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