Big Vide Dressing

Hey ladies!

Long time no see!
I’m back on track to share with you the latest trends, fashion events and other fashion stories that happen in our beautiful Belgium.
How about to start with a 450m2 room full of clothes with very good deals to make?


Vide Dressing - Brussels

Big Vide Dressing in Brussels City Center


I know you feel sad because the winter sales season is almost over… Don’t be! Cheer up! I have a big vide dressing to propose you!
You all know the concept of vide dressing: people bring clothes they don’t want to wear anymore and exchange them (against other clothes) or sell them at a very interesting price! It’s THE occasion to buy nice brands you usually can’t afford! How exciting is that?!

The one I’m talking about happens in Brussels, not far from the Grand Place on Wednesday 4th February from 14h to 19h30.
Adress of the day: Rue de Villers 11, 1000 Brussels

Make sure to bring enough cash because your credit card won’t be accepted! 😉

If you want more info, have a look at their Facebook event page!

Feel like filling out your wardrobe a bit more? 😉

Have fun, make good deals, and stay glam!



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