How to get ready for sample sales?


The sales season is over… But if you go window-shopping you might come across sample sales!

Sample sales are the occasion for brands and stores to get rid of items used in fashion shows, overstocked or returned items, or even items that have never been sold in stores! Oh yes, I almost forgot… Items are usually heavily discounted! Great clothes, low prices… What else?!

In order to make the most of a sample sales, you need to get ready for it. And as always, Streetglams is here to help 😉 !
Here are some advices to enjoy that special shopping time!

Do your homework

Getting ready for sample sales is like writing your final paper: in order to succeed, do your research! You have to know what you need and what you want to get. Remember that Google is your friend 😉

Check the designer or the brand’s website, google his name, or go to the store before the sample sale starts. Sometimes, these sales can be an invite-only kind of event, so make sure you’re on the guest list!

Also, make sure you have enough cash on you before going anywhere. Bear in mind that sample sales might not have credit card facilities.

Think casual

You are going clothes hunting, so dress in consequence. Forget about heels or uncomfy pants. Wear something that is easy to take on and off. A few changing rooms won’t have the usual decent space, and quite often there won’t be a changing room at all! So travel light and don’t bring your huge handbag along with you 😉

Early birds will get the best deals

Set up your alarm clock early enough! You don’t want to get there when there is nothing left… Those sales might be limited in size and choice, so arrive early, get in line, and grab the first pick!

Don’t be compulsive

Stick to your action plan! Don’t be compulsive buying stuff because everyone is eyeing it off. Don’t succumb to the temptation of good prices, especially if it’s not your size — yes, I know you know what I’m talking about 😉

Before going to the payment step, make sure the clothes you’re about to buy is in mint condition (no stain, or any damages). If it’s not the case, ask for an extra discount!

Stay tuned

You are wondering how to be updated with the latest sample sales? That’s easy! Follow Streetglams updates 😉

You can also follow your favorite brands, designers or stores on facebook, twitter, instagram… they usually announce those sales on social media! Don’t forget brands websites… they’re goldmines!

We hope that by now, you feel better prepared to face your first or next sample sales!

Be confident, stay glam and make good deals!


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