What to wear for Spring season?

Girls, great news!

Spring season is here, and that means it’s high time to put away our winter gear! Goodbye gloves, wolly scarves and big coats! Welcome skirt, denim jacket and ankle boots!

Spring is coming, so free up some closet space!

Birds singing, daffodils in bloom, a glass of wine in terrasse… Yes, Spring is at our door! Yay! After a long and cold winter, we’re all excited to enjoy the first sunrays! And to make sure we’re ready, let’s sort our closet!

This spring, denim, flower, pastel, and comfort are the keywords to keep in mind if you go shopping. As always, Streeglams is here to help: here is our little selection of what to wear for Spring 2015.

Total look denim

Denim is is clearly the fashion trend to adopt this Spring! Denim jackets, denim overalls and denim dresses are a must-have for the coming months! Jeans must be everywhere!

Total look denim by Replay

what to wear for Spring 2015: Replay

Total look denim by Julia June

what to wear for Spring 2015: Julia June

Flower power

The 60’s are back! On a midi or skate dresses, dare a flowered pattern!

Spring flower dress by The Kooples

what to wear for Spring 2015: The Kooples Spring flower dress

Flower dress by Zara

what to wear for Spring 2015: Zara Spring flower dress

Pastel palette

Pastel colors will be in every shop window this season. Softened blue, pink, yellow, purple or green… pick the hue you like!

Pastel blue dress with Urban Outfitters

what to wear for Spring 2015: Urban Outffiters Spring pastel dress

Pastel colors with Mademoiselle R founded on La Redoute

what to wear for Spring 2015: Mademoiselle R

Spring shoes

This spring will be comfy! Sandals and white sneakers will take over high heels, at least for a season 😉

Ready for a walk?

White sneakers for spring by Esprit

what to wear for Spring 2015: Esprit white sneakers

Sandal ‘Floretta’ New Look founded on Asos

what to wear for Spring 2015: Asos sandals

Tutu to spice up your life

This is our little crush for this spring! The half-slips are original, light, delicate and adaptable! They can be styled easily so that you outfit can evolve from day to night! The touch of originality to have in your closet during the Spring!

These creative tutus are from Myrine.

what to wear for Spring 2015: Myrine Spring tutu

We hope you found what to wear for Spring among our little selection of trends!

But more importantly, enjoy the good weather and be happy!


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