Maxime Edward, clean cut fashion designer

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Hector here. We have been busy with many creative projects lately, and today I want to talk about one of them. It’s the middle of the week, so I figured you could use a break and enjoy some cool fashion photographs. We wanted to deliver some glamour with a kick, so we partnered up with fashion designer Maxime Edward to reinterpret his excellent recent work. Here is the result, accompanied by some words from Maxime. Happy Wednesday!

Streetglams features: Maxime Edward, clean cut fashion designer

 Laurence Gsx, wearing Maxime Edward, by Streetglams

Streetglams: can you tell us about yourself in a few words?

Maxime Edward: Hello everyone, my name is Maxime Edward, I’m a Belgian fashion designer with Filipino roots. I graduated from Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer, and I am now working on my personal projects. Art had a strong pull on me. Actually, I first intended to study cinematography, for its holistic aspect and visual impact. But everything changed after I watched The devil wears Prada. I soon realized that the fashion industry attracted me more.

SG: Still, it’s great that you wanted to study film, and a movie ended changing your life!

 Laurence Gsx, wearing Maxime Edward, by Streetglams

SG: what can you tell us about the work featured today?

ME: This collection is the result of my inspiring experience with maison Alexandre Vauthier in Paris. During my time there as an intern, I discovered the power behind great teams. By being assigned mostlly hand work, I developed regularity and precision with my gestures. I now have enormous respect for the quality work done by every team member, and also respect for the prime materials used. This collection is a tribute to that experience. I wanted a spartan look with clean cuts and well defined lines. All was conceived in an esprit couture, with a touch of drama for style.


Laurence Gsx, wearing Maxime Edward, by Streetglams

SG: We sensed the drama and wanted to accentuate that with some theatrical make-up and stage like poses. We added movement as a relief from the usual static poses, hoping this same movement would give more life to your flowing fabrics.

ME: And you nailed it. I’m very happy with our session, and it was interesting to make-up shape the mood.

SG: We also had quite some drama planning this shoot! Our plans were delayed by airport and airlines twice!

ME: Oh yeah. I’m happy it finally happened, though!

 Laurence Gsx, wearing Maxime Edward, by Streetglams

SG: Would you like to add anything else? About new projects, perhaps?

ME: I’m currently working on a man’s collection, but already thinking about the next one for women! However, I don’t want to create my own brand. My short term goal is to wrap up a strong portfolio to present to couture houses and get hired. By the way, thank you guys so much for helping with that!

Connect with Maxime Edward on facebook or Linkedin.

Creative direction: Hector Hurtado
Photography: Marta Hurtado
Make-up and hair: Tamta Chigladze
Model: Laurence Gsx

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