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#tgif, Thank God It’s Friday! And to wrap up this inspiring week at Streetglams in a light mood, I feel like posting something different. Something like revealing a bit of the thought process behind preparing the photo shoot for Maxime Edward, clean cut fashion designer. You saw the results already — or you just clicked the link to have a peek, didn’t you — so let’s rewind and see how we got there.

Behind the scenes with Maxime Edward

We met Maxime Edward last year while he was showcasing his work on fashion shows. We immediately liked his style, both for men and women — and actually, I’m considering getting a couple garments for myself! However, planning this shoot was nothing short of a feat! Maxime was busy with other projects, we went on holidays, airlines and airport strikes got in the way for all of us… It’s as if a higher force did not want us to get this done. But we pushed forward. We carried on.

Andreas Sjödin, featuring the Latvian model Ginta Lapiņa for The Book 2014 (by Neiman Marcus)

When the time came to decide on a concept, Marta was inspired by this photograph from Andreas Sjödin, featuring the Latvian model Ginta Lapiņa for The Book 2014 (by Neiman Marcus).

She shared her vision with me, and I thought Marta found something great there. Not particularly the composition (I wanted long shots), not particularly the expression (I wanted something more serious).

No, what really got my attention was the implied movement in that fleeting instant. You see, one of the recurring themes I hear about photography is its obsession to capture an ephemeral moment that will never repeat.

It’s as if, consciously or unconsciously, photography was incessantly trying to freeze time and cheat death. The thing is, this cannot be done. Even if mankind reached immortality one day, not a single moment can ever be captured as a 1:1 copy of reality through art. Art can sublimate or vilify, but it cannot replace reality as perceived by the human brain and all its senses. But I digress! Back to the photo shoot concept.

We decided to retain this implied movement and use it as our central theme, with one twist. Since Maxime told us about a certain sober/theatrical duality of his work, Marta thought of duplicating our model Laurence in every take we would present in the article. The bonus being that it would allow us to show the outfits twice, from different angles. Marta was really inspired this time! Again, you can see the results here.


I’m not present on every photo shoot because I handle different projects for graphility. But this time I was free from other obligations, so I decided to try out something I had in mind for a while, snapping some live shots behind the scenes and sharing them on twitter as they happened. In fact, I’d like to introduce video too, but this was a first, easier step in that direction. Here are some of the shots I took, you can find them all on twitter @streetglams.

Behind the scenes with Maxime Edward, on Streetglams Behind the scenes with Maxime Edward, on Streetglams Behind the scenes with Maxime Edward, on Streetglams Behind the scenes with Maxime Edward, on Streetglams Behind the scenes with Maxime Edward, on Streetglams

I took these with my tablet, so the quality is not stellar. But that’s intended, as is the black and white. I wanted to share what was going on, tease the viewer into our project, but not reveal the whole thing and render the article moot. We don’t cater for photographers in particular. Instead, we share our art and our interpretation of briefs with our viewers, and impart some news and tips about fashion. Showing you the story, the before and after, made more sense in this case. The whole team agreed.

Behind the scenes with Maxime Edward, by Streetglams

Incidentally, we also love how Tamta, our make-up artist, works on Laurence’s face in already rich black and white shades, but then present you the amazing result in a close up on facebook later. See the full beauty shot here — click on the photograph to see the full sized version. Laurence looks quite different than in the previous takes, and will look different still in the red outfit she wore next.

What’s next?

Marta took a few more amazing takes during the shoot, that we will put to good use later during our media campaigns. That’s part of our process too: to interpret a brief to the client’s satisfaction as best we can, and to create some derivatives for later that no one would have seen yet. Upcycled, always fresh.

Okay, but… what’s next next?

Next week, we will share another killer project we did for Chantelle and Passionata. Yes, it’s lingerie, it’s beautiful, and it’s on Streetglams. We really think it’s fantastic and we hope to see you then because, if you’ve read this far, you deserve it.

Have a great weekend, be glam, and stay fab,


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