Magical white lingerie with Chantelle and Passionata

There is an air of purity in the Streetglams studio today…

… Even though the work featured today was shot one week ago. I feel quite formal while writing this article, for the result has left our team elevated. This week, we present you a very creative brief produced in collaboration with Chantelle and Passionata. In their own ways, both brands believe in beauty: they want women to enjoy life, and look their best. We wholeheartedly support this vision at Streetglams, and we wanted to offer our own take on their latest collections. The subject is vast, so this week we focus on white lingerie.

White lingerie: a moment of magic with Chantelle and Passionata


Lingerie is always intimate, often beautiful, and sometimes sexy. These primary emotions are very subjective. They relate to a particular viewer, and in the case of garments, also the wearer. We wanted to capture a sample of the feelings that run through a young modern woman when she chooses to wear white lingerie.

Streetglams: white lingerie magic for ChantelleStreetglams: white lingerie magic for ChantelleStreetglams: white lingerie magic for Chantelle

Opéra Tanga and Opéra Serra taille by Chantelle. Kimono dress by Marie Van Gils.

“C’est peut-être un détail, mais c’est un Chantelle.”

Rather than focusing solely on the lingerie, we wanted to portray the ephemeral purity that white brings with it. It starts with the white lingerie, and the rest comes by itself. As the famous slogan goes, it may be a detail, but it’s a Chantelle.

Streetglams: white lingerie magic for PassionataStreetglams: white lingerie magic for PassionataStreetglams: white lingerie magic for Passionata

Double Je triangle bra by Passionata. Cassic tulle skirt by Marie Van Gils.

Passionistas see the world as their playground. We wanted to retain some of the magical mood while showing Charlotte almost ready for a new adventure. The gorgeous tulle skirt is only missing a top to make an outfit!

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Creative direction: Hector Hurtado
Photography: Marta Hurtado
Make-up and hair: Liesbeth De Smet
Model: Charlotte De Bleecker via Borderfield

And many thanks to our colleague Coralie for her inspiring PR assistance!

Chantelle and Passionata are part of Groupe Chantelle, and represented in Belgium by media mania.
Classic tulle skirt and kimono dress by Marie Van Gils.

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