4 types of sunglasses that make you look great

And here comes the sun!

Yeay, sun is out, time to take your sunglasses out of their boxes!

At Streetglams, we love that time of the year! People are happy, people are smiling and it’s all part of the glam attitude!

Sunglasses are great fashion accessories and should be chosen with care. Why? Because your cool shades will also protect your eyes, because not every frame fits you… and because some of them are just out of date!

Here are our little crushes to look great this summer. And of course we’ve added some tips to help you find the perfect shade that will flatter your face!

This summer, no excuses! Gorgeous under each ray of sun you will be!

Crush N°1

The iconic Ray-Ban Aviator, blue – 199 euros

Streetglams tip: sunglasses for oval faces

Tips for oval faces: if your face is longer than wider, these aviator sunglasses will look great on you!

Crush N°2

Giorgio Armani, Frame of life collection – 209 euros

Streetglams tip: sunglasses for square faces

Tips for square faces: round frames will fit faces with wide forehead and wide cheekbones best.

Crush N°3

Marc Jacobs on Zalando – 159,95 euros

Streetglams tip: sunglasses for heart shaped faces

Tips for heart-shaped faces: if the bottom of your face ends like a heart, pick up any frame that goes wider on the top. Cat-eyed designs will fit you perfectly!

Crush N°4

Lacoste – Piqué sunglasses, red – 129 euros

Streetglams tip: sunglasses for round faces

Tips for round faces:  if your face gets wider across the cheekbones then go for oversize or rectangular frames.


Enjoy the sunny days, look great, and stay glam!


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