Vintage fashion: glamour 30’s exhibit

Hello fashion lovers!

This week, the Museum of Costume and Lace is showing an interesting exhibition about glamour and fashion in the 1930’s. This inspired our creative team to create a photograph as cover for the article: imagine how Streetglams and Hector, our creative director, would have looked back in the day!


Hector Hurtado in vintage fashion, for Streetglams

Imagine how Streetglams and Hector would have looked back in the Thirties!

Vintage fashion… Let’s get back to the 30’s!


After The Roaring Twenties and their extravaganza, The Thirties was more subdued decade, stuck between the Wall Street crash, The Great Depression, and the years that followed World War II. The craze settled down, and people had to make do, with much less. But this did not stop creativity, quite the contrary. It is often in times of scarcity and contraint that people become more resourceful. In short, The Thirties were not that neglected, fashion was there! Curves were enhanced, fabrics hugged women’s bodies, and hair rolled back down. Feminity!

You still have a full weekend to enjoy the glamour and sophistication that is shown through amazing outfits of that period. At Streetglams we suggest you to go and have a look at Glamour 30’s fashion expo, It’s worth the visit!


Streetglams_Glamour 30's fashion expo

Practical info

Vintage fashion 30’s exhibit

Where? Museum of Costume and Lace, Rue de la violette 12, 1000 Brussels.
Opening hours: from 10h00 to 17h00
Entrance fee: not free, but quite democratic, 4 Euros for adults and 3 euros for students


Now, you know what to do this weekend! 😉

And as always… Repeat after me… Be glam and stay fab!



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