Color block lesson with Dody for SS15

Hello fashion lovers!

The sun is back in Brussels, and so should be street style! Remember, our creative team prowling the streets, scouting great street style fashion to share with you? Yep, it’s back.

Glam #66, Dody, posing for Streetglams in color block

Glam #66: Dody + color block

I made sure my lunch meeting with a client would happen in the city center, so I would use the opportunity to shoot some street style. As I shared on twitter earlier today:

I must say, many people are still wearing darker colors akin to winter. Smile and shine, fashionistas, the weather is on your side! Need some tips? Read our recent fashion article on what to wear for Spring 2015.

But then, walking back to our agency studio, I met Dody in Porte de Namur. I could not miss her with that great look, I find that yellow so energizing! What do you think?

It turns out, as it did other times, that Dody is a creator as well. From our short conversation, I gathered that she is a jewelry designer — those cool earrings you see are her own. We planned a chat about that later, so this may not be the last you see from our new glam.

Glam #66, Dody, posing for Streetglams in color block

Coming back to her look, I think Dody did a great job going for this yellow top / black pants color block combo. Yellow and black always juxtapose very well, with the added benefit of attracting attention. And that’s exactly what you want as a glam: to let your personality shine through your look. After all, if people like how you look, they will be more keen on getting to know you.

One last thing I noticed as a designer: yellow and blue are complementary. So yes, the black pants are elegant; yes, the jewelry is very cool; and yes, Dody is a pretty and joyful lady. But the strength of that yellow and the blue of the sky create their own color block mood to celebrate spring. Great choice!

I hope you enjoy this take, and get inspired to add more color in your life! And you can start simple with big swaths of color to create your own color block.

See you next time, dear reader, on the website or on the streets.


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