graphility, website redesigned!

graphility, website redesigned!

Today, our agency graphility woke up with a brand new website!


I’m very happy to announce the release of our brand new design for graphility, our design & identity agency for interesting business and individuals. The agency behind Streetglams, Marta Hurtado Photography, and some other endearing work for our clients.

Why a redesign?

We don’t like to work needlessly, and this release is no exception. Users and Google alike have made it clear that a responsive site is essential now. Our last version was, but had accumulated some quirks over the span of five years since we coded it. Even if our team and our clients still loved the design, those code fixes had me itching for a while. A modern reinterpretation was needed, and now born!

I keep in line with our core values: clean, simple, attentive to the content — with a few subtle touches to delight the user. The same values we share with our clients. I hope you enjoy the result after your first visit!

Happy Friday!


About Hector Hurtado

I'm Hector Hurtado, creative director of graphility. I design services, products, and experiences. I aim to create meaningful customer journeys and lasting, positive memories. Streetglams is our fashion outlet, a place where we celebrate creativity through individual style. Fashion, design, and photography are a match made in heaven, so if you love any of these, say hello at all times!

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