How to match a floral dress with gladiator sandals

Hello fashion lovers!

Phew, this was an exciting week at the studio! We finally got to shoot a mini campaign for the Belgian leather brand 29th October, that we will share with you next week. I say finally because this one was so difficult to plan: almost anything that could have happened, did happen! Nothing bores creative people more than plans that take too long. So you bet we were thrilled to make it to D Day!

In the meantime, meet our model for the shoot in this street style preview. When Cathy Thaels arrived at our studio on Friday morning, it became clear to me that her floral dress and gladiator sandals combo should be featured in our street style column, don’t you think? Before even putting on the briefed clothes, we already had a picture right there.


Cathy Thaels in floral dress and gladiator sandals, by Streetglams

Streetglam #67: Cathy Thaels in floral dress


What I like about this particular combination is the contrast in fitting and textures. The loose strap floral dress is balanced by the snug sandals. Silky aerial feeling from the floral dress, earthbound leather flats to keep you anchored. Great style, Cathy, welcome to Streetglams!

We hope you liked this interlude, while waiting for the big reveal of our fashion photo shoot next week.

It’s Friday! Be glam and stay fab, everyone!



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