Cosy autumn look, afghani pants matched with long sweater

Hello fashion lovers!

We have enjoyed some days of exceptional weather in Brussels, you can almost forget that it’s November. The sunshine is shining, and we do not need to wear heavy coats and to many layers just yet.  There is still this wonderful mix of after summer autumn vibe in the air. Owww we love that!

That said, meet our inspiration for the lovely autumn days in this street style preview, Olina.

graphility-Streetglams-Marta Hurtado-portrait-photography-streetstyling-Streetglam-no-68-Olina

Streetglam #68: Cosy autumn look, afghani pants matched with long sweater

After lunch I went hunting for the next street styling look, it was time to find the next Streetglam beauty for all of you to get inspired by. And there she was, Olina, smiling at me in her sunny ways. She was such a delight to talk to, and I loved what she was wearing!

She matched the comfy afghani pants, also called harem pants, with patterned black and white longer sweater, with bag on the side and cosy woolen scarf. It’s definitely a look I could totally see myself in. I would wear it whenever I need that super comfy feeling for the day, not to mention that while exploring Asia, Hector and I, we loved that style. It has certain aura of light and freedom that perfectly fits the motion of exploring the world.

As it turns out, Olina has a travelers soul. She works in a hotel as a group reservations supervisor. She seems already the master of enjoying what truly matters in her life. A good book, traveling, dancing, living in her van, spending time with her dear friends, these are only few of the ways she loves spending her time. She has a beautiful way about her, a joy and freedom of being that truly captured my attention.

With sunny dreadlocks on her head, a detail I did not fail to notice, it fitted her and her style so well. I felt that this street style deserved to be captured with the warmth of colorful autumn. We moved to the street to take that shot, Olina was so lovely about it. The mix of black, white and gray did not look dark, nor heavy on her.

In fashion, it’s not always about the colors you wear, but how you wear it that matters!

You’ll tell me if it works for you, but I loved it! I was so grateful to have met her on my path.

Happy Wednesday! Be glam and stay cosy, everyone!


Wardrobe details:
Olina found the top and the bag in a second hand shop, trousers at a music festival, both in Liège. She loves buying at second hand shops, as she believes that if you search hard enough you can get some great surprises! I totally agree with her, there are treasures to be found just about anywhere and you do not need to spend massive amount of money to be able to express who you are.

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