November special, with stylish hat and a camel coat you can not go wrong!

Streets of Brussels are so inspiring and full of stylish beautiful people even on the rainy days!

Yesterday I met Marion nearby our Streetglams photography studio. She was so lovely to talk to, and she looked amazing! Which is not very surprising, just look at that wonderful smile! As you can see Marion is stunning and really inspiring with her personal style. She ticked all the November “fashion to do” boxes for me, I knew I had to photograph her.


Streetglam #69: November special, with stylish hat and a camel coat you can not go wrong!

If you payed attention, you know that we mentioned few week ago that The Elle Fashion Cupboard segment in November promoted- camel, as the color of the month, and they were not the only ones in the fashion world who thought so.

Marion matched her stylish camel coat perfectly with wonderfully colorful scarf, eye catching bag, a hat and golden accessories. She was not only wearing the color of the month but also followed the trend of this season, which is: “color… color… color”.

Just keep in mind that “Feeling Cheerful This Winter Starts With Your Outfit.” ~ Vogue


I was so lucky to catch Marion in a moment between the rain. Seeing her sunny colorful look, rain or no rain, just made my day! And the hat, you just got to love the hat if you can wear one you definitely should give it a go this season!

I hope that you feel inspired to add some color to your autumn wardrobe!

Happy Wednesday! Be glam and stay cosy, everyone!



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