#SELFIE: is this for you?


#selfie, by Hector Hurtado, circa February 2007

One of my favorite self portraits, circa February 2007. #selfie


#SELFIE: is this for you?


Beyond contemporary fashion and personal style, Streetglams celebrates identity. The innate right of every human to state his or her uniqueness, the personal ode to self and others to proclaim: I exist!

#SELFIE — The revolutionary potential of your own face, in seven chapters, is an essay by Rachel Syme, published on Medium. Although our team’s photographs naturally take center stage on our website, this lovely read is a tribute to those who venture on their own in a quest of self discovery, sharing, and what the means to express our humanity today.

While I delve into #selfie territory only sporadically, our very own Marta Hurtado, Head of Photography at Streetglams, has elevated the form from snapshot to artwork. I am proud to call her my wife. Many of her pieces are so inspiring, that I would be remiss not to invite her to post her own follow up to the article. I cannot wait to see what she shares, whether old favorite or new creation.

This was not how I expected to get to 2:30am, but I have no regrets. Rachel has filled my night with a thought provoking, beautiful read. Thank you. I can now fall asleep with hope and love and smile.

About Hector Hurtado

I'm Hector Hurtado, creative director of graphility. I design services, products, and experiences. I aim to create meaningful customer journeys and lasting, positive memories. Streetglams is our fashion outlet, a place where we celebrate creativity through individual style. Fashion, design, and photography are a match made in heaven, so if you love any of these, say hello at all times!

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