#SELFIE: challenge accepted

Selfie challenge - graphility | Streetglams | Fashion inspired Self-portraits, November 2015. #SELFIE: is this for you? Owww yes... I say! by Marta Hurtado | Contemporary Portrait Photography | www.martahurtado.com | Location: Brussels - Photography studio

Fashion inspired Self-portraits, November  2015. #selfie

#SELFIE: is this for you? Owww yes… I say!

Yesterday I had time for a personal project, a moment happily spent on rediscovery and free self-expression.

Last week Hector, my hubby and Creative Director of graphility, invited me to share a #selfie on Streeglams, so here is my take on me 😉

I love challenging myself, to rediscover and find new depths of who I am. Self-portraits are great tools to do just that. I decided to play. Fashion was my inspiration… my wardrobe all I needed to complete the challenge.

This, this is who I am! I’m endless! I have many forms and faces, they are all one as my soul has infinite expression. I love who I am! I can see “me” in all of the captured frames … no matter how they seem! I am one and the same…. This is who I am!

Have a wonderful week darling! Now go and play! Happy #selfie taking <3

With all my love!


During the photo session I was wearing:
Green hat: Zara
Red coat: H&M
Dark blue coat: H&M
White shirt: H&M
Leather pants/leggings: H&M
Red belt: from Mexico

About Marta Hurtado

Head of Photography for graphility and its satellite projects, I make our clients happy by delivering inspiring fashion, corporate, and portraiture. I also push my team mates to dream bigger, better, crazier! So, if you have an unreal concept to propose, I'm in!

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