Christmas Fashion special. Do you have your festive Christmas look ready?

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Christmas is approaching with a falling stars speed. Everything around us says, Christmas is coming. I for one, can’t wait, as it’s such a wonderful time of the year. There is color, twinkling lights and happy faces everywhere. But I also love the Christmasy cozy fashion present all around us. Everybody makes extra efforts wears bright red, greens andΒ  sparkling accents. I love that playfulness with fashion.

In case you have not had the time to shop for your special festive Christmas look just yet, we have found few propositions that might just do it for you.

H&M went beyond magical this year, and have so many wonderful Christmas special looks for you to choose from. In H&M you can find it all… super cozy looks, or more elegant with a hint of sparkle magic for your festive days.
Christmas fashion-H&M

If you do not mind standing in long ques, little birdie told us that Primark has it’s own very colorful Christmas special collection.And they try to make everybody happy.Christmas fashion-Primark

Marks & Spencer has few Christmas inspired options for you as well. In their shops you can find something classy with a Christmas flavor or cute and cozy, or if that’s what you are looking for, you could shop for both. The choice as always is yours.

Christmas fashion-Marks&Spencer
But if you are looking for more classy, clean … yet with Christmas tone look, Zara might be just the place for you to look into. I love the clean colors, and yes you can easily find something also in red, green or black. All in very fresh, clean cut… with strong fashion “it” feeling styles, yet with a little bling it could be the perfect Christmas touch.

Christmas fashion-Zara


There are so many places to choose from, but we hope that our little collection will help you out with finding the Christmas outfit you are looking for.

Enjoy this beautifully cheerful time of the year, and above all, whatever you wear “be yourself”.



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