Kadi'a Jordaan for Streetglams

Glam #13: Kadi’a

Friend to Ciara, I also really liked the look of Kadi’a as well, more particularly that great bun she rocks proudly. Take notice, people, Kadi’a is a friendly girl with lots of attitude on camera! It is this look as well as the color combination she was wearing, that convinced me to go for a strong black and white photograph.

Thank you both for your participation in Streetglams, keep rocking and share the love!


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I'm Hector Hurtado, creative director of graphility. I design services, products, and experiences. I aim to create meaningful customer journeys and lasting, positive memories. Streetglams is our fashion outlet, a place where we celebrate creativity through individual style. Fashion, design, and photography are a match made in heaven, so if you love any of these, say hello at all times!

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