Camille Breard for Streetglams

Glam #14: Camille

I met Camille on another lucky glimpse of nice weather, lucky me.

I stopped Camille on her tracks because I really liked her relaxed gothic look and set of piercings to match. I too have a couple of earplugs, so I guess I am partial to this style, heh. Finally, the pearl necklace is a nice contrast for a dash of jaded decadence. Camille is also my first French glam, though I forgot to ask her occupation. I bet it is something arty!

This photograph was taken around Grand Place, the City Square. There are many charming streets surrounding it, and all retained their historic names, such as Herb Market Street, or Coal Market Street. More than historical, these names carry their poetry in our modern lives. One can daydream as how these streets and alleys looked in the old days… If you live in Brussels or happen to visit, take the time to read the street names, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Having said that, I part with you today with another street photograph of mine from this area of town. Enjoy the visual candies and see you tomorrow to wrap up this week!

Looking Up

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