What is street style photography?

Street style photography - Desi for graphility

 Wait… What exactly is street style photography?

Sometimes, when you are too close to a source, you cannot see the bigger picture. So, like a fool, I noticed that when I mentioned my streetglams fledgling project to a few friends and colleagues, not all of them knew what street styling photography actually meant. My bad. So here is a note to correct that.

Simply put, street styling photography is urban photography that focuses on portraying citizens’ style. In a way, one could say that street styling is as old as street photography itself because any picture with citizens is inherently depicting the fashion of its time.

Most people attribute instead the advent of this genre to street photographer Bill Cunningham circa 1978, while working for the New York Times. This raises an interesting point, because Cunningham’s photographs are candid, meaning that they are mostly taken with the subjects being totally unaware of his act, and therefore, without permission. Is candid photography street styling? In its strictest term, yes it is. And yet, even though Mr. Cuningham is a lovely gentleman, this is not the direction I want to pursue.

My vision of this project is to approach women whom I find stylish and glamorous, and ask to portray them in the serendipitous setting of the urban space – the sidewalk, a park, a terraced café. I want to focus on women because I find the feminine ideal beautiful ever since I could hold a pencil, then a chalk, followed by a brush, and culminating in the lens. Obviously, the definition of stylish or glamorous is mine alone, and you my readers may agree or disagree with it. My photography and art professors used to say that I sublimate the woman, drawing or photographing embellished portraits. I guess you will soon find out what that means.

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