Let’s get lost, by Lola

Lola Diet for Streetglams, let's get lost tee.

Glam #23: Lola

Let’s get lost

Today, we have Lola, a 21 year old communication student and first ginger glam, met around the Euro quarter.

Lola was wearing an Even & Odd graphic tee with a Let’s get lost iconic message. In my mind, this is right at the intersection between Chet Baker and Beck and Bat For Lashes: the graphical touch makes it a tad more vintage, while the hopeful youth brings it to a more contemporary setting.

I could tell you that Lola was wearing khaki shorts, and shoot a long shot photograph. I decided to focus on her portrait and her tee. To me, this combination is like an anthem to freckles. The tee actually follows the same configuration as her skin, and that is so, so well thought of, Lola. Well done, you are beautiful au naturel, and it shows.

Do you think that street style photography should always be a long shot, as in the whole body? If you focus solely on fashion, perhaps. But what if you want to capture something else, something essential? These questions are more rhetorical than anything else, but if you want to partake, share your thoughts on social media, such as facebook, or twitter.

Mid week has passed, and tomorrow is… June 21: officially the beginning of the summer and the International Music Festival.

How about getting lost?


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