July 1: let the summer sales 2013 begin!

Elena for graphility - Summer sales 2013

Summer sales 2013: first day of sales

Hello glams,

Today was the first day of summer sales 2013. Like lots and lots of people in Brussels, I went out with Marta to check what the department stores had to offer. The first days are often when some of the best pieces go, but it is also the moment when the sales are at their lowest. It’s all a gamble and a number game, really: will you wait that prices drop off on that garment you want while risking that many buy it and it goes out of stock, or do you buy it as soon as possible at a higher price?

We spent the whole day out in the city center, and visited Brandy Melville, Women’secret, Springfield, Zara, Celio, H&M, Naf Naf… It was both good and exhausting, and we were happy to take some breaks and leave other shops for later!

Somewhere about the middle of all this, I thought it would be a good idea to take pictures of some garments on sale that I liked, and so I snapped a few shots with the mobile phone. Obviously, this will not be grand art, but the point is to show you a few pieces that you may like, saving you time and effort along the way.


I thought these two tees were pretty cool, and reminded me of the one Lola was wearing, quite nice and colorful for the summer. Their price? 9.99 euros each, and there are many more to choose from.

Zara tees 9.99 - summer sales 2013

Here is a thick textured top that I really liked, then I went to pick some cool thick heels to pair it with. The only thing missing is a pair of shorts, and you’ll be trendy ready for the summer! Each item costs 29.99 euros.

Thick textured top & heels - summer sales 2013


I really liked the look of this puppet, but what she is wearing is not on sale… What to do? Replicate the concept with discounted articles!

The original top alone is 49.95 euros, my choice of top and tan booties is 22 euros together! With the extra money, you’ll add the same shorts that you bought for the tees above, and you get a few outfits to rock the urban sidewalks or the summer festivals!

Replicate the new collection - summer sales 2013

I enjoyed trying this sort of article for a change, but I cannot know if you find it useful unless you tell me, so feel free to let me know on facebook, Google+, twitter, or simply by dropping me a line through the contact form.

Enjoy the sales, don’t forget to hydrate well, and see you tomorrow for a really cool outfit from Noemie, spotted today during a short street style run!


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