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Marta Hurtado on streetglams

Today, streetglams goes live!

And what better way to start than to portray my gorgeous wife, Marta Hurtado, as first glam? Even though this street style project was my idea and implementation, Marta has been my loving muse for many years.

Glam #1: Marta Hurtado, portrait photographer

Her sense of style ranges from bohemian chic to cool urbanista, or any outfit combination she decides to wear. Hats are also her secret weapon, any headpiece just fits her! Okay, almost any. There was that one Peruvian model I simply hated, haha!

For this session, Marta decided to go with an H&M felt wide brim hat, matching platform heels, and her beloved Fossil clutch bag. The dresses were bought during our travels in South-East Asia. The gray is a designer dress from Kuala Lumpur, while the raspberry red was bought in Bangkok. World fashion!

Marta has given me confidence to express my personality not only through my actions, but through my appearance as well. That is something I did quite naturally when traveling, but not as easily at home. So love, thank you for being you, and for giving me confidence and trust to take my photography to the next level: social.

Streetglams has just started, so go ahead and spread the love!

PS: did you know that Marta is also a photographer? She is currently relaunching her website, but you can already follow her on facebook.

About Hector Hurtado

I'm Hector Hurtado, creative director of graphility. I design services, products, and experiences. I aim to create meaningful customer journeys and lasting, positive memories. Streetglams is our fashion outlet, a place where we celebrate creativity through individual style. Fashion, design, and photography are a match made in heaven, so if you love any of these, say hello at all times!

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