Nona Munteanu for Streetglams

Glam #29: Nona

We are having great weather today, and it just feels good to be outside and walk around. I must be enjoying it as much as others, for I met many stylish women along my path. The sun lightens the outfits and the moods, and this is ideal for my street style photography!

Our glam today is Nona, a Romanian expat working in the Euro quarter. I approached her because I really liked the vibrant colors in her outfit, and I also felt that the whole suggested a playful touch of Balkan folklore. So, I was not too surprised when she told me she was from Romania! From head to toes, Nona’s outfit is composed of large sunglasses, a white tank top coupled with a crochet vest, a colourful skirt, and red wedges to match. The tan bag is complementary to some tones found in the skirt, so all in all, I say it’s a win! Nona, you are hereby welcome to the glams!

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