Red means stop, by Marta Izabella

Marta Izabella Radlak for Streetglams


Glam #31: Marta Izabella

Today on Streetglams, we have Marta Izabella, the second Polish glam on the website after my very own glam #1 Marta, portrait photographer.

I met Marta Izabella at the Schuman roundabout, at the heart of the Euro quarter. You know, the traffic can be hectic here at peak hours, with cars barely stopping, buses blocking lanes, cyclists on and off sidewalks. So when Marta Izabella posed in front of that traffic light for me, attracting the sight of a few walkers and cars alike, I thought it would be a public service to have a glam appear when the light turns red during rush hour, you know, for the sake of smooth traffic in Brussels city. Wouldn’t this be a cool idea?

Anyway, all traffic lights change at some point, but then we have green means walk.

Marta Izabella Radlak for Streetglams


Marta Izabella is dressed in great fashion, with a flowing striped red dress, and light salmon bag and peeptoes heels to match. Sunglasses add one last touch of glamour, it’s that simple, and that effective. Thank you for posing, Marta Izabella, enjoy your fab entrance to Streetglams!

Have a grrrrrreat Thursday, week-end is at the door. Finally.


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