Summer sales 2013: in the mood for white

Marta Hurtado for graphility - Summer sales 2013, in the mood for white

In the mood for white

Today, Marta and I went out shopping for sales again, and just like last time, I decided to take a few snapshots of garments I found interesting to share with you here. We had a fun day in town, taking it easy from lunch to shops to cosy breaks for drinks. We went to different shops than last time for variety, and it paid off because I found deal clothes to snap.

It is only when we got home and I uploaded the pictures to the computer, than I realized that all shots I took were of white clothes. I had a vague impression of this in the center, but not as crystal clear as when it all was there before my eyes. I guess I am in the mood for white, but you must admit it is such a pure, light tone that is perfect for summer… As you can see in the above portrait of Marta that I took in the Temple of Aphrodite, Cyprus.

Anyway, back to summer sales 2013. Here is what I gathered for you.


Summer sales 2013 - Promod graphic mini skirt

Graphic mini skirt: 10 Euros

Working in graphic and web design, I simply love this print. It is effective and not as overcharged as some others currently out there.

Summer sales 2013 - Promod large beaded necklace

Large beaded necklace: 16.95 Euros

Tribal inspiration, I have seen similar models in Laos and Northern Thailand. I have so many ideas for this one, that I may just get one for models on photo shoots.

Naf Naf

Summer sales 2013 - Naf Naf see through crochet flower top

See through crochet flower top: 17.50 Euros

Combine with some denim and you’re ready for the summer concerts!


Summer sales 2013 - Zara white striped pants

White striped pants: 29.99 Euros

I like the simplicity and timeless elegance of these trousers. Perfect for a meeting at the office and for the ensuing after hours aperitif.

Summer sales 2013 - Zara white short dress

White short dress: 29.99 Euros

This model’s shape is inspired by the ’60s, flows, and cuts above the knee…

Summer sales 2013 - Zara white dress

Textured white dress: 29.99 Euros

… while this model cuts right below the knee, and narrows the figure further. The first is perfect for that Hollywood glamour look and trendy rockabilly sessions, and the second will help you achieve a glamorous model catwalk.

Coco Chanel came up with the Little Black Dress and proved how every woman should have one. Now, add a Little White Dress to the timeless wardrobe. Need more examples of Little White Dresses? Follow the LWD tag.


There you have it. I don’t know what you think, but I am in awe with these garments, that I find as much classy as they can be fun, elegant, glamour… Match these with a single striking color and you have a killing combination, or go timeless with a touch of black. I can’t wait to see more of you wearing these, it will be my pleasure to street style you in turn! Here’s to hoping to inspire you!

Have a great week-end,


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