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#SELFIE: challenge accepted

Fashion inspired Self-portraits, November  2015. #selfie #SELFIE: is this for you? Owww yes… I say! Yesterday I had time for … »

Giulia for Streetglams


Glam #28: Giulia Finally the weather is clement enough to allow us to go out with short sleeves! And while … »

Kadi'a Jordaan for Streetglams


Glam #13: Kadi’a Friend to Ciara, I also really liked the look of Kadi’a as well, more particularly that great … »

Self portrait: Hector Hurtado for graphility

Know your best side

First glam tip! It has been raining cats and dogs over Brussels, and that certainly does not make it easy … »

Liselotte Koevoets for Streetglams

Liselotte, vintage enthusiast

 Glam #8: Liselotte, marketing assistant This Wednesday, I have the pleasure to present you Liselotte, a dedicated marketing assistant with … »

Street style photography - Desi for graphility

What is street style photography?

 Wait… What exactly is street style photography? Sometimes, when you are too close to a source, you cannot see the … »

Self portrait, Hector Hurtado for Streetglams

Easter Monday self-portrait

Easter Monday self-portrait at our studio in Brussels This Sunday and Monday break is a bit annoying, because I do have my … »