Marta, featuring Assassin's Creed style

Marta, Assassin’s Creed style

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last seven years, surely you must have heard of Assassin’s Creed. … »

Ania Szymanska, for Streetglams

Ania, street styled in Brussels!

Glam #50: Ania, fashion enthusiast We recently had a lovely visit from Marta’s relatives, and this was an occasion to … »

Camille Breard for Streetglams


Glam #14: Camille I met Camille on another lucky glimpse of nice weather, lucky me. I stopped Camille on her … »

Kadi'a Jordaan for Streetglams


Glam #13: Kadi’a Friend to Ciara, I also really liked the look of Kadi’a as well, more particularly that great … »

Ciara Bruxelloise for Streetglams


  Glam #12: Ciara Sun rays over Brussels feel wonderful after a diluvian week, so I decided to go for … »

Katherine Lam for Streetglams


Ā Glam #6: Katherine, international management student Hello, beautiful people! Despite a somewhat rainy week-end, I managed to shoot for Ā Streetglams! … »