Sara Da Silva for Streetglams

Sara in neon color block

Glam #44: Sara in neon color block I met Sara while we were both waiting for our buses at Central … »

Karlien De Craen for Streetglams

Karlien in vintage long dress

Glam #38: Karlien Today on Streetglams, we have Karlien, whom I met around Central Station last week. After taking for … »

Paola de Llerba for Streetglams


Glam #34: Paola, au naturel I met Paola on my way back from my somewhat disappointing time at the Fashion … »

Zoe Da Silva for Streetglams

Zoe the adventurer

Glam #33: Zoe, esthetician Today on Streetglams, we have Zoe, a young esthetician graduate with a great sense of relaxed … »

Mariane for Streetglams

Mariane, flick chick

¬†Glam #21: Mariane As promised last week, here is the lovely Mariane, also met during La Cambre Mode[s] 2013 together … »