Theresa Fallentin for Streetglams

Theresa, retro sport

Glam #24: Theresa Is it possible to go jogging and still look good? Of course, it is! Meet Theresa, shield … »

Lola Diet for Streetglams

Let’s get lost, by Lola

Glam #23: Lola Let’s get lost Today, we have Lola, a 21 year old communication student and first ginger glam, … »

Sheila & Sandra Ngindu for Streetglams

Sheila & Sandra Ngindu

¬†Glams #18 & #19: Sheila & Sandra Ngindu As I told you on Tuesday, I took a few street style … »

Ruxandra Ioana on Streetglams

Ruxandra Ioana, fashion blogger

Glam #5: Ruxandra Ioana: featured guest To wrap up this first week at Streetglams, allow me to introduce you to … »

Mitsu Miw on Streetglams

Mitsu Miw, manga punky

Glam #4: Mitsu Miw, art student A few celebs have been showing us their punk looks lately. I am thinking … »